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We improve how your clients perceive your company and products, by enhancing your company’s marketing and communication with clients.

We do that by using online technologies in new and creative ways, for the devices that consumers and businesses use everyday.

Our mission is to help clients sell more by showcasing brand and abilities with online creativity and technological innovation. Using “Design Thinking Process” we offer realistic solutions that focus on the users receiving your message.
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We identify “problem drivers” and develop solutions using our vast toolbox of resources.
A team formed by professionals in various areas of digital technology providing structured solutions and solutions to boost the company's activities.
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Brand Strategy Walo manages the brand of companies, from its positioning to the development and creation of naming, the images or ideas associated with it, including slogans, symbols, logos and other visual identity elements that represent its products and services.


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Nosso CTO e diretor de criação Washington Viana ontem no evento Innovation experience CSS.
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Metaverse Beauty WeekMetaverse Beauty Week is an important event showcasing the influence of the metaverse in the beauty industry. It features brands like Neutrogena, Lush, Lottie London, Essence, and Valdé Beauty, known for their mid-market positioning and eco-responsibility. They are embracing Web3 technology to engage with Gen-Z consumers.Cult, a B Corp certified creative agency, is organizing the event with the support of influencers and digital communities. The goal is to celebrate self-expression, challenge beauty standards, and provide an escape for participants.Metaverse Beauty Week takes place in the Spatial metaverse, the Decentraland hub, and expands to the gaming metaverse Roblox. Visitors can also experience real-life activities at the Flannels flagship store in London, adding excitement to the event.The significance of Metaverse Beauty Week lies in how brands of all sizes are embracing new technologies and engaging with consumers across multiple platforms. This approach creates immersive experiences and deeper connections with the audience.Let's celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the endless possibilities of beauty in the metaverse. Get ready for a transformative week that redefines industry norms.#MetaverseBeautyWeek #BeautyInMetaverse #RedefiningBeauty #VirtualBeautyRevolution #MetaverseSelfExpression #TechDrivenBeauty
The Economic Potential of the MetaverseNew research reports examine the economic opportunities presented by the metaverse worldwide.The metaverse is in the early stages of development, but the benefits to the global economy could reach up to US$3.6 trillion per year in additional GDP by 2035. The potential of the metaverse is already visible in areas such as education, gaming, wellness, and commerce. As metaverse technologies become more widely adopted, additional economic opportunities will emerge, including new markets, business models, and improved ways of working and training.These research reports analyze the economic potential of the metaverse for different countries and regions worldwide:Metaverse in early stages of developmentEconomic potential in education, gaming, wellness, and commerceEmerging markets and business modelsCountry/region-specific reports: US, Canada, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey, Asia, European Union (EU), and United Kingdom (UK)Expected economic benefits for the US, EU, and UKHigher adoption rates of metaverse technologies in the EU compared to the USEconomic opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi ArabiaAsia-Pacific leading in metaverse technology development and adoptionThriving creator economies and AR technology in developing markets like Thailand, India, and IndonesiaMaximizing metaverse potential through global cooperation between tech companies, policymakers, academics, and civil society#MetaverseEconomy #EconomicOpportunities #FutureOfWork #DigitalTransformation #EmergingMarkets #ARTechnology #GlobalCooperation #TechInnovation