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We improve how your clients perceive your company and products, by enhancing your company’s marketing and communication with clients.

We do that by using online technologies in new and creative ways, for the devices that consumers and businesses use everyday.

Our mission is to help clients sell more by showcasing brand and abilities with online creativity and technological innovation. Using “Design Thinking Process” we offer realistic solutions that focus on the users receiving your message.
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We identify “problem drivers” and develop solutions using our vast toolbox of resources.
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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Walo manages the brand of companies, from its positioning to the development and creation of naming, the images or ideas associated with it, including slogans, symbols, logos and other visual identity elements that represent its products and services.


The metaverse and education.
“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a popular expression by the Chinese philosopher Confucius who died in 479 BC. 
The meaning of this phrase is related to the ease of understanding a given situation using visual aids, or the ease of explaining something with images, rather than words (whether written or spoken). 
Nothing is more current to represent the importance of the metaverse in ​​education. Being able to provide students with an immersion in the study environment is a highly effective way of conveying information, idea, or concept. 
Virtual reality technology allows creating three-dimensional environments on any topic, in addition to creating playful interactivity with the student. It is a new way of teaching, where experience generates learning. 
Walo develops metaverse projects in ​​education in partnership with companies that evaluate learning performance. Want to know more? Talk to us.

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So many times, we think:
Where I want to go?
What I want to know?
What world would I like to see? 
The metaverse has arrived to fulfill these and other inner quests. 
The virtual became real. 
The world has experienced the internet revolution that has democratized information and knowledge in the last 30 years. 
Now the objective is different. Let's gain movement and dimension; 3 dimensions. Virtual reality has gained other contours and has become the new relationship tool, whether social, commercial, or institutional. 
Walo has been developing virtual reality environments - metaverses - for over 20 years. We work from the conception of the idea, the design of the environment, its backbone-and structure, which includes the security of the entire system.
 Looking for a metaverse? Talk to us.

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Beware, wake up, unfortunately, there is no plan B! 
We are coming into an uncomfortable place since there is nowhere else for us to go. If we want to leave something for our future generations, if we want to still have a planet, we must act now. 
Our time is fast evading. The future of our planet depends on immediate decisions. Recovery of degraded areas, preservation of green areas,  elimination of fossil fuels, combating pollution, reduction of deforestation, recycling of 100% of garbage, depollution of water, conscious consumption,  protection of fauna and flora and... preservation of life. Of our life! Of our planet’s life! Help, participate, suggest, defend this cause!

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Today’s Smartphones are being used as personal computers; many users rely on their phones to accomplish several tasks using “applications” (apps) developed specifically for that type of device.
Usually the first app for a company is a smartphone-enabled version of their website, but additionally there are hundreds of specific purposes that can be addressed very effectively using apps.
If you have a specific need or objective that might benefit phone users, we would like to discuss it with you and explore if/how our tools can be used to accomplish your objective in acost-effective manner.

We look forward to your inquiry.