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We improve how your clients perceive your company and products, by enhancing your company’s marketing and communication with clients.

We do that by using online technologies in new and creative ways, for the devices that consumers and businesses use everyday.

Our mission is to help clients sell more by showcasing brand and abilities with online creativity and technological innovation. Using “Design Thinking Process” we offer realistic solutions that focus on the users receiving your message.
Serving the most varied segments
Big or small challenges. Walo has a solution that perfectly fits every project or need.
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We identify “problem drivers” and develop solutions using our vast toolbox of resources.
A team formed by professionals in various areas of digital technology providing structured solutions and solutions to boost the company's activities.
Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Walo manages the brand of companies, from its positioning to the development and creation of naming, the images or ideas associated with it, including slogans, symbols, logos and other visual identity elements that represent its products and services.


Much has been said about the metaverse. After the initial euphoria, the market is adapting and better understanding the possibilities of this new technological revolution. The possibilities are so many that listing them here would be impossible. This is because it is necessary to understand it in its essence. We are not just creating a communication and entertainment tool. We are developing a new dimension in everything that exists in digital. A to 3rd dimension!
In an assessment by Citi Global Insights, the metaverse market could reach US$ 19.2 trillion by 2030. The strength of this market is enormous. Want to enter this new universe? Talk to Walo™️ and get to know our Meta Bots™️ division.
Beware, wake up, unfortunately, there is no plan B!
We are coming into an uncomfortable place since there is nowhere else for us to go. If we want to leave something for our future generations, if we want to still have a planet, we must act now.
Our time is fast evading. The future of our planet depends on immediate decisions. Recovery of degraded areas, preservation of green areas, elimination of fossil fuels, combating pollution, reduction of deforestation, recycling of 100% of garbage, depollution of water, conscious consumption, protection of fauna and flora and... preservation of life. Of our life! Of our planet’s life! Help, participate, suggest, defend this cause!

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Life has migrated to the cell phone. Everything happens there. You watch TV, play games, watch the news, call a taxi, pay bills, transfer money, send emails and even make phone calls. All in a single device. Being able to relate using this tool is what makes every company successful. Walo works with the concept of "Design Thinking Process" offering practical solutions that focus on the real user, who needs to absorb the company's communication and messages assertively.
We develop applications, websites, e-commerce, and other tools for those who want to go where customers are. Does your company want to be more digital? Talk to us! 

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Did you know that what makes your website work in a functional way is the technology embedded in it? Responsiveness, navigability, speed, and other characteristics of building a website can define the success of your company.
At Walo we develop websites and e-commerce sites using the most fitting technology for your business, optimizing processing time and allowing maximum use of the tool.
And, we have developed an easy and extremely functional administrative area that allows changes to the site, in real time.
Want to improve the performance of your website? Contact us, we take care of the entire process, from the frontend to the backend. 

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