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We improve how your clients perceive your company and products, by enhancing your company’s marketing and communication with clients.

We do that by using online technologies in new and creative ways, for the devices that consumers and businesses use everyday.

Our mission is to help clients sell more by showcasing brand and abilities with online creativity and technological innovation. Using “Design Thinking Process” we offer realistic solutions that focus on the users receiving your message.
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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Walo manages the brand of companies, from its positioning to the development and creation of naming, the images or ideas associated with it, including slogans, symbols, logos and other visual identity elements that represent its products and services.


The Client wanted to achieve more Leads for the US accounting industry (Orlando).
We took the brand into a more serious and credible status to emphasize the Client and their services.
Work was carried out to revitalize the logo and create a more contemporary design for the company’s credit cards.
This characteristic of the logo, which at first seemed to create a difficulty, actually directed us positively in the creation. We graphically sought something that represented and, above all, emphasized expression.
In this project, we looked for something that represented the “name”, using the initials G and A. We wanted a clean, modern design, something that conveyed sobriety. We also had to worry about the fact that the logo is the “umbrella” of companies, signing their communication materials without disturbing the individual identity of each company.