online technologies in
new and creative ways

Our mission: help clients sell more by showcasing brand and abilities with online creativity and technological innovation.

The secret to great success is in the work of a great team.

We improve how your clients perceive your company and products, by enhancing your company’s marketing and communication with clients.
We do that by using online technologies in new and creative ways, for the devices that consumers and businesses use everyday.
WALO was founded in 2017 by professionals René Duvekot, Vitor Lozetti and Washington Viana.
Each of them has decades of experience in their respective fields.
We identify “problem drivers” and develop solutions using our vast toolbox of resources.
Using “Design Thinking Process” we offer realistic solutions that focus on the users receiving your message.

Our Strengths

We listen

Client input is key to our success …
we make sure that we understand
your needs and frustrations.

We research
and Explore

We know that that innovation
is limited by knowledge …
an umbrella can only be
invented by those who know rain.

We produce,
we test, we improve

Electronic devices are based
on complex logical functions …
we ensure that our work is logically.

We always learn

New ideas are developed
every day … we continuously
update our “library of prowess”.

Our key people

In all these years of work, Walo has learned a lot. We know that the success we achieved was the result of the work of many people. A long time of specialists, advertisers, marketers, graphic designers, IT specialists, programmers, copywriters, analysts and other specialists in various areas that make up our team. A team that works in line with a strong team concept, where the conquest of one is the conquest of all.

Below you can see our entire team.

Vitor C. P. Lozetti

Vitor C. P. Lozetti
Marketing & Sales

Born to sell.
Too many friends.
Want to please.

Washington Viana
Multidisciplinary professional:Designer | Developer | Motion Graphics

However, these disciplines I like to use my knowledge on digital solutions.

Marco Baggi
Graphic Designer, Art Director

“People believe in things that exist and say why. I believe in things that don’t exist and I say: why not?”

Raphael G. Azeredo

Coding genius.
Quiet and friendly.
Learns by himself much faster than in school!

Louana C. Oliveira

Keeps the team focused and organized, or else!

Alan Monteiro
Metaverse World Builder, Storyteller, Game Designer, Web Designer

Enthusiactic nerd, backpacker, camper and off road addict.

Marco Neres
Specialist UX / UI
Help us identify relevant opportunities and content for your connections.
Pedro Tejada
Cinematographer and Director

Latest work for The Singleton of Glen Orb. Created by Anomaly Shanghai and produced by Stink Films Shanghai + São Paulo!

sem título-7
Sergio Confort
Director at Cervelli Propaganda

Help us identify relevant opportunities and content for your connections.

Monica Marcellino
Social Media

Digital marketing specialized in use of data analysis to drive your sales results.

Victoria Vieira Baggi

When I want something I always try to do the best. I am extremely detail oriented and I always try to approach perfection.