Apple’s next big act after the iPhone may come in 2022

Next year is shaping up to be a busy one for Apple, if rumors are to be believed, filled with new technology that may be on par with tentpole moments like the first Macintosh introduction in 1984, the first iMac in 1999 or the iPhone in 2007.

This time, the key item will stretch Apple into a new territory: AR/VR glasses.

This project, one of Apple’s most ambitious in years, is rumored to encompass augmented reality and virtual reality. AR overlays computer information on images of the real world, while VR places a screen so close to your eyes that your brain is tricked into thinking you’ve been transported to a computer-generated world.

Most of the leaks and rumors have focused on the headset’s specs, such as its ultra-fast wireless networking and the super-detailed visuals a source told CNET it’s expected to have. But many questions still surround Apple’s headset, beginning with its name – maybe iGlass?