Logitech Lift: New Vertical Mouse Is Smaller and, Yes, More Ergonomic

Source: Cnet.com

Logitech makes a lot of mice and they’re all designed to be comfortable to use. But products in its Ergo Series line, which now includes the new Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, are supposed to offer extra ergonomic advantages. In the case of the Lift, Logitech says its 57-degree vertical design “lifts your wrist into a more natural position” and “takes pressure off the wrist, while promoting a more natural forearm posture throughout the day.” The Logitech Lift is available this month for $70 in a right-handed version with three color options — off-white, rose and graphite — as well as a left-handed version in the graphite color.

One of the key differences between this model and the company’s first vertical mouse, the MX Vertical (released in 2018 for $100), is that the Lift is more compact and designed for people with small- to medium-size hands. Also, instead of using a rechargeable battery, it’s powered by a single AA battery that can last up to two years. Not using a rechargeable battery has allowed Logitech to make the Lift more affordable than its predecessor.

I’ve been using the Lift for the last week and like how it feels in hand compared with the MX Vertical, which also has a 57-degree vertical design but is slightly too big for my hand. I’ve been using Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 mouse a lot with a mouse pad that has an integrated memory foam wrist support. With the Lift, it feels like you’re getting the wrist support without the extra bump on the mouse pad.

Button placement has also improved. On the MX Vertical, some people found that the secondary buttons were a little hard to reach (and not so ergonomically placed). With the Lift, the button on the MX Vertical that’s used for changing pointer speeds and DPI switching has been moved from the top of the mouse (on the crest) to just above the scroll wheel, a much better location for it.

The Lift is also very quiet. Like Logitech’s latest MX Master and MX Anywhere mice, it has a magnetic SmartWheel that operates both smoothly and precisely. As you might expect, you can program the Lift’s buttons using Logi Options software for Mac or Windows. And you can wirelessly connect the Lift to up to three devices, whether they’re MacOS, Windows, Linux or ChromeOS PCs or iOS and Android devices. The connection is made via Bluetooth or the included Logi Bolt USB Receiver (alas, no adapter is included for USB-C devices).