Samsung OLED TV Arrives to Challenge LG and Sony, Starts at $2,200


It took a while, but Samsung’s OLED TV is officially official. The Korean electronics giant, which has been No. 1 in TV market share worldwide for more than a decade, has given its new OLED-based TV a name, a price and a release date. The S95B series will come in a 55-inch size for $2,200 and a 65-inch size for $3,000, and available for preorder now to ship in April.

The elusive high-end television first made a stealth appearance at CES 2022, but Samsung didn’t confirm any details until now. It uses an all-new QD-OLED panel, which promises improved color, brightness and viewing angles compared with standard OLED TVs, which currently deliver the best picture quality available.

The new panel technology could mean a new king of TV picture quality, but as always in the TV world, competition is stiff. First off, Sony has already beat Samsung to the punch with its own QD-OLED TV, the A95K, which looks pretty impressive. Then there’s LG, which has been selling OLED TVs for the last few years and has new models of its own, using standard OLED panels and promising better brightness than ever.