Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: What’s new and improved in Microsoft’s OS

Microsoft started the phased rollout of its new operating system, Windows 11, in October. Although only some PCs have been prompted to update, you may be wondering how the OS is different from Windows 10, and if it’s worth downloading now. There’s no rush: Microsoft says it will stop supporting Windows 10 after 2025.

Windows 11 brings a brand-new, more Mac-like interface to the OS. It features a clean design with rounded corners and pastel shades.

Windows 11 will let you set up virtual desktops in a way that’s similar to Macs. It allows for toggling between multiple desktops at once for personal, work, school or gaming. In Windows 10, this was harder to set up and use.

Teams is getting a facelift and will be integrated directly into the Windows 11 taskbar, making it easier to access (and a bit more like Apple’s FaceTime).